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NEW! VM-56 Tri-axial Groundborne Vibration Meter

Part Number : VM-56

Simultaneous PPV, VDV, Dominant Frequency & Displacement

The VM-56 is a groundborne vibration meter capable of simultaneously calculating the measurement quantities defined by DIN 45669-1, ISO 8041 and other national measurement standards. Like other Rion products, it is characterized by excellent build-quality and exceptional ease of use. It is suitable for a wide range of applications including attended measurements, unattended surveys and live-to-web monitoring.

Key Benefits:

·Simultaneous measurement of multiple parameters including PPV and VDV.
·Simultaneous tri-axial measurement. Compact and light weight design.
·Data stored as CSV files onto an SD card.
·User definable PPV vs Frequency comparator output supports DIN 4150: Part 3 and other frequency-dependent PPV building damage criteria.
·Flexible product configuration with waveform recording function and 1/3 octave band analysis function available as optional programs.
·Suitable for use in a live-to-web system (please contact us for further details).·Free excel macro for report output is available on our web site.* VM-56 auto store data, VX-56RT auto store data can be handled.

NEW! VM-56 Tri-axial Groundborne Vibration Meter

Applicable standards

• DIN 45669-1: 2010-09 (Frequency, Measurement range compliance), SBR Meten en beoordelen van trillingen, Deel A: Schade aan gebouwen 2010, Deel B: Hinder voor personen 2013, ISO 8041: 2005, ISO 8041-1: 2017, CE marking, WEEE directive

Measurement functions

• Tri-axial simultaneous measurement

Measurement range

• Vibration velocity: 0.03 to 100 mm/s
• Weighted vibration amount: 0.02 to 100 mm/s (Reference 16 Hz)
• Maximum absolute waveform value: 0.05 to 100 mm/s (Reference 16 Hz)
• Vibration acceleration: 0.0003 to 10 m/s2
• Displacement (0-p): 0.01 to 10 mm (0.5 to 4 Hz)

Measurement frequency range
• 0.5 Hz to 315 Hz

Measurement values

• In accordance with DIN
• Peak particle velocity |v|max (PPV)
• Dominant frequency fmg (D.F.)
• Weighted vibration maximum value KBFmax
• Maximum cycle-averaged KBF value KBFT
• In accordance with ISO
• Corrected acceleration effective value Acc.
• Maximum transient vibration value MTVV
• Vibration dose value VDV
• Crest factor C.F.
• In accordance with SBR
• Maximum weighted vibration value veff, max
• Maximum veff over 30-second cycle veff, max, 30
• Others
• Displacement (0-p value) Disp.
• Combined PPV for 3 axes PVS


• Recorded signal Acceleration Acceleration
• Sampling frequency 2 kHz
• Bit word length 24 bit, 16 bit
• Data format WAV format *Wave data can be analyzed with AS-70GV.
• Available channels for recording 3 channels (X, Y, Z)

NEW! VM-56 Tri-axial Groundborne Vibration Meter

Applications (Applicable standards):

• Building damage/Human annoyance in buildings 

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Part Number : VM-56

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