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GasAlertClip Extreme 3-Year Single Gas Detector

Part Number : GasAlertClip Extreme

Product Description:
Up to three years of continuous maintenance-free protection
As the world's most popular and widely used zero-maintenance gas detector, the GasAlertClip Extreme offers continuous, reliable protection. Available in two year or three year versions, this single gas detector requires no calibration, sensor replacement, battery replacement or battery charging. Compatible with the MicroDock II automatic test system, the simplicity of the GasAlertClip Extreme combined with minimal training requirements and negligible maintenance costs, make the GasAlertClip Extreme one of the most cost-effective PPE solutions for facility workers and on-site contractors.

  • Durable, reliable and easy to use with no downtime
  • Record keeping is accurate and easy with automatic event logging
  • Exceptionally low cost of ownership
  • User-selectable alarm setpoints (5/10 or 10/15) on GA24XT-H510 model
Standard features of BW products:
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear
  • Water-resistant
  • Compatible with BW MicroDock II automatic test station
  • Full function self-test of sensor, battery status, circuit integrity and audible/visual alarms
  • Bright wide-angled visual alarm bars
  • Built-in concussion-proof boot
Additional GasAlertClip Extreme features:
  • Large confidence LCD displays life remaining in months, days and hours
  • Displays peak alarm exposures encountered on demand
  • User-activated daily self-test
  • Internal vibrating alarm for high noise environments
  • Records and transmits gas alarm events
  • User-selectable alarm setpoints (5/10 or 10/15) now available on GA24XT-H510 model 

GasAlertClip Extreme 3-Year Single Gas Detector


  • Size 1.1 x 2.0 x 3.2 in. / 2.8 x 5.0 x 8.1 cm
  • Weight 2.7 oz. / 76 g
  • Temperature 
    • H2S: -40 to +122°F / -40 to +50°C
    • CO: -22 to +122°F / -30 to +50°C
    • SO2: -22 to +122°F / -30 to +50°C
    • O2: -4 to +122°F / -20 to +50°C
  • Humidity 5% - 95% RH (non-condensing)
  • Alarms 
    • - Visual, vibrating, audible (95dB)
    • - Low, High
  • Tests Full function self-test on activation and every 20 hours, and automatic battery test every 2 hours
  • Typical battery life Two years (H2S, CO, SO2 or O2) or three years (H2S or CO)
  • Warranty 2 or 3 years from activation (given normal operation), plus 1 year shelf life

GasAlertClip Extreme 3-Year Single Gas Detector

Areas of Application:

• Police & Military
• Utilities
• Pulp/Paper Production
• Printing
• Steel
• Commercial Buildings / Public Facilities
• Water Treatment
• Petrochemical / Chemical
• Construction
• First Responders
• General Industrial

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Part Number : GasAlertClip Extreme